A innovative digital platform scaling the tech divide between generations, providing connectivity between devices, with integrated health monitoring

Industry: Digital Tech

Regular social media posts that are relevant to our product and market all for £100 a month.
Job done!
— Dayle Rodriguez | UK Manager | Sentab

Sentab offer a hub device that can be used for TV and video calls as well as in home health care and monitoring.

We worked with Sentab to understand the issues of loneliness and isolation affecting their older audience.

Our carefully crafted content plan covers Facebook and Twitter, and is designed to attract Sentab's elderly audience, as well as carers, and family with elderly relatives.

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Full review posted by Sentab's UK Manager to Facebook:

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It’s been almost a month using 100 Pound Social and I am really happy with the results so far. It’s almost too good to be true!
— Dayle Rodriguez | UK Manager | Sentab

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Unmanned Life has developed the world’s first software platform to deploy and manage aerial and ground vehicles fully autonomously i.e. without human intervention.

Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS)


Unmanned Life got in touch because they were struggling to post to social media regularly.

Unmanned Drones were new territory for us, and our social media team took their time researching and familiarising themselves with the industry.

Once we'd got to grips with Unmanned Life's AI driven software-as-a-service Platform (which integrates drones of different types), we set out creating a content plan.

The team at Unmanned Life understood how important it was to keep their audience updated on their exciting story, and we were determined to serve them with the most relevant content possible.

Visit Unmanned Life's social pages to introduce yourself to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Customer Review

The 100 Pound Social team are professional and friendly. They took the time to research into my industry, and post relevant articles and images on to my social media.

Not having to worry about posting regularly has definitely lifted a weight off my shoulders .
— Maya Virdee | Founder | Find Creative

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Helping thousands of businesses effectively utilise text messaging as part of their communications and marketing strategies.

Industry: Digital Services


B2B SMS marketing company, iTagg wanted help attracting leads on LinkedIn and raising brand awareness on Twitter.

Our team specialise in B2B social media and put together a click-driven content plan for iTagg.

The strategy was designed to inform iTagg’s business audience of the benefits of SMS marketing, as part of iTagg’s overarching lead nurture process.

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