Let our expert team take care of your clients' social media pages, while you to focus on what you do best - growing your agency


Offer Social Media Marketing Services to your existing and new clients without draining your agency's time and resources


Clients expect marketing agencies to offer Social Media Services - but without an in-house Social Media expert this can be tough.

Our low-cost White Label Social Media Service - just £100/ month - allows your agency to offer social media without impacting your day-to-day projects.

Our team of experts post fresh content to your client's two most effective social media pages (choose two from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; Instagram add-on available) every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including regular promotions of your client's services, products and offers. 

Our White Label service allows you to charge your clients' for social media services according to your regular pricing structure and expand your agency's capabilities without having to hire more staff. 

All for £100 a month. No hidden costs.

We work with:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • SEO Firms
  • Web Design & Dev Firms
  • Business Consultants
  • Internet Marketers
  • Social Media Professionals

How it works

1: Sign up

When you are ready to sign up a client, click on any Get Started button on this page. You’ll be asked to enter your payment details on a secure page to complete your order. Check your emails for a welcome email containing an unbranded Getting to Know You questionnaire.

2: Getting to know you

Add your agency branding to the questionnaire and send it your client. If you are familiar with your client's business and social media goals, you can fill out the questionnaire yourself (takes under 20 minutes). The answers helps us get to know your client's business, products / services, and more.

3: Account access

Direct your client to our secure, white label system where they will be prompted to give us remote access to their social media pages. If have access to your client's social media accounts then you can complete this step. You / your client will never be asked to disclose social media passwords.

4: Let the posting begin!

Within 7-10 business days of gaining access to your client's social media accounts and receiving their completed questionnaire we’ll begin posting content to your client's social media pages, leaving you to focus on what you do best - growing your agency.

The Essential £100 Plan

Includes your client's TWO most effective social media pages (Choose two from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


For just £100/ month we will create and post unique content to your client's two chosen pages once a day, EVERY DAY, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

✅ Daily posts to your client's two chosen social media pages

✅ Unique content, specifically created for your client's business

✅ Engaging articles and images relevant to your client's audience

✅ Regular promotion of your client's products and services

✅ Posts published when your client's audience are most active

✅ Unlimited support from our dedicated social media team


Add INSTAGRAM to the Essential £100 Plan for just £35 /mo


✅ Everything included in the 100 Pound Plan

✅ PLUS 5 unique posts to your client's Instagram page every single week for just £35 /mo


An incredible service for such a low price. The customer service is amazing - they’re always willing to go that extra mile.
— Jonathan Cantwell, Start-up founder
Every Facebook and Twitter post is relevant and tailored to my business. The team are responsive and a pleasure to work with!
— Camilla Edwards, Beauty Salon Owner

Reach your client's audience every single day for just £100 / month

Boost your client's marketing campaign with regular social media activity.

✅  Boost business awareness
✅  Increase credibility
✅  Inspire customer loyalty
✅  Attract new customers
✅  Encourage customers to leave positive reviews
✅  Reach potential customers globally
✅  Increase web traffic
✅  Improve Google ranking
✅  Get discovered online
✅  Gain a 3D online business presence

Still have questions about our low-cost White Label social media service?

I'm interested. Can I speak to you about your White Label service before I get started?

Absolutely. Just head over to our Contact Page and click 'Book a Phone Appointment' to set up a call at a time convenient to you.

I want in - how do I get started? 

Click any 'Get Started' button on this page. You will be prompted to enter your payment details on a secure page to complete your order. You will then be presented with a 'Getting to know you' questionnaire designed to help us gain a thorough understanding of your client's business, products or services, target market, and more. The questionnaire takes under 20 minutes to complete and will also be emailed to you in case you want to fill it out later.

Who will be working on my client's accounts?

An experienced, professional member of our social media team. Our team of Social Media Managers are experts in their field and dedicated to finding and creating the the most engaging and relevant content to share on your client's social pages. They engage with your client's social media pages in the same way as you would if you had the time. 

How will you know what to post for my client's business?

The details you or your client provide in the 'Getting to know you' questionnaire will introduce us to your client's business. We will also conduct our own research to gain an in-depth understanding of who your client is and what they do. Once we have have completed our research we will put together a comprehensive posting plan and begin to find and create content that will engage your client's target audience.

I want you to manage more than just the two platforms covered in your Essential £100 Plan. Can you?  

Yes! The Essential £100 Plan includes two social media pages (choose two from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and costs just £100 /month.

You can top-up the Essential £100 Plan Plan with any of the add-ons listed below:

Third-Platform add-on

Let us take care of all THREE of your client's key social media pages - Facebook, Twitter AND LinkedIn - with the third-platform add-on. Just £15/ month.

Instagram add-on

Add Instagram to your Essential £100 Plan for just £35 per month. The Instagram add-on includes 5 unique posts to your client's Instagram page every single week. Just £35 /month.

Please note, you must be subscribed to the Essential £100 Plan to purchase add-ons. Add-ons can be purchased at the same time as your Essential £100 Plan, or added-on at a later date.

I want you to post more than once per day to my client's social media pages. Can you?

Yes. Simply purchase two Essential £100 Pound Plans to receive two posts per day to your client's pages. If you want three posts per day, purchase three plans... et cetera! We recommend getting in touch before purchasing a double, triple (or more!) plan. We will send you a unique secure payment link to save you going through our website payment process multiple times. Email hello@100poundsocial.com or contact us.

I want to sign up multiple clients. Do I have to make a separate payment for each client?

Great news! Instead of going through the payment process multiple time, just email us at hello@100poundsocial.com and let us know how many clients you want to sign up to our White Label service. We will send you a secure payment link so you can set up one recurring payment to cover all of your clients.

Can I preview the posts you create for my client(s) before they are posted?

Yes. Subscribe to our Post Preview Service to receive a preview of posts scheduled for your client at the beginning of each month. If you wish to make any changes to the scheduled posts, we will make these changes before the content is published to your client's social media pages. To continue to offer our service at the low price of £100 / month, we have to charge a fee for add-on services such as this Post Preview Service. This service costs £39/ month, per client, and includes ALL social media pages we are working on for that client. As with all of our services, you can cancel your Post Preview Service subscription at any time. Email hello@100poundsocial.com to add the Post Preview Service to your plan.

Can I still post to my client's social media pages?

Absolutely. You will always have full access to your client's accounts and can post anytime. 

Can you publish posts to promote my client's offers, promotions, new products etc.? 

Yes! If you have specific content you'd like us to promote for your client just send us an email explaining what you'd like to be shared and when. Please make your request 7 days in advance of the date you'd like the news / promotion to be posted.

Will you send me a monthly statistics report for my client's social media accounts?

We certainly can. Subscribe to our Reporting Service to receive a comprehensive report on a set day each month. The Report contains all key social media statistics. Specific statistics can be added to your reports on request. To continue to offer our service at the low price of £100 /month we have to charge a fee for add-on services, such as this Reporting Service. This service costs £29/ month, per client, and includes ALL social media pages we are working on for that client. As with all of our services, you can cancel your Reporting Service subscription at any time. Email hello@100poundsocial.com to add the Reporting Service to your Plan.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we don’t ask you to sign a contract that binds you to paying for our services for any specific length of time. We want you continue to work with with us because you are happy with our service, not because you are bound to do so. Before ordering the Essential £100 Plan we will present you with a short 'terms of service' agreement that spells our obligations (provide the services included in the Essential £100 Plan, as described on this website), and your obligations (pay us the agreed fee to do this work). 

When you sign up your client with us, you will set up a recurring monthly payment. We simply ask for 30 days notice to cease working on your client's accounts. To give notice, simply let us know via email. Saying that, we're pretty good at our job and reckon you'll want to stick around for a while!

Help - I have more questions!

No problem - just click here to set up a call with us to chat over how our White Label service could help your agency.