Ultimate tools to find new customers for your business in 2018

This time last year we were stuck in the mud. We had an awesome service ready to roll but something crucial was missing: customers.

Every new business - SMEs, startups, small businesses, SaaS, and ecommerce -  faces the same challenge:

How to reach potential customers, subscribers, or users with your amazing service or product?

Today I'm sharing 14 nifty tools that have helped us reach new prospects, raise awareness of our brand, and grow over the past 9 months.

The tools will help you:

  1. Get users talking about your business online
  2. Collect prospects' email addresses
  3. Get your business in the news
  4. Utilise your website and links in unexpected ways
  5. Master online networking

1. Get users talking about your business online

Maitre App Viral Lists

A Viral List is basically word-of-mouth (or ‘referral marketing’) on the internet. After signing up on your website users are incentivised (by discounts, free services or products etc.) to tell their friends about you.

The more friends they tell, the more likely they are to win the freebies. 

With the help of Maitre App, we were able to build up a mailing list of 400+ users before launching 100 Pound Social. 

Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is just another form of word-of-mouth marketing. You offer users something of value such as an e-book; the ‘payment’ for the e-book is a Tweet telling their friends about your e-book. You can imagine the snowball effect - and the boost this gives to your mailing list signups.

2. Collect prospects email addresses


Many Contacts

Many Contacts encourages website visitors to leave their email address. It uses their email address to give you enriched information on your new lead:

  • Location
  • Previous visits to your site
  • Visitor’s social media pages
  • Where the visitor works

Hello Bar (Free version available)

A highly visible sign-up bar at the top of your website that helps you convert more visitors into customers by collecting email addresses.

Email address finder hunter.io (Free - limited use)

Find your prospect’s email addresses via their domain name (website address). Type in the domain name and Hunter.io will pull up all email addresses associated with that business.

Discover.ly Chrome Extension (Free)

View a prospect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail and instantly get a list of the prospect's social media pages, and learn if you and the prospect have mutual Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections

Rebump for Gmail (Free)

The best way to get your emails answered. We're all busy and emails regularly go unanswered. Instead of manually following up each email you send, Rebump allows you to automate follow-up messages.

3. Get your business in the news

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.37.19.png


New businesses rarely have the budget to hire someone to do their PR. JournoLink helps you manage your own PR and get your business stories in front of journalists, broadcasters, and bloggers.


Influencer marketing platform. Find and connect with influencers and YouTubers who will tell your target market about you.

Hey Press(Free - limited use)

Find relevant journalists in moments by typing in keywords. Get your business in the press.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.38.27.png

4. Utilise your website and links in unexpected ways

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.42.22.png


Find out why people do certain things on your website or app. Discover where users click, the issues they have, and what deters them from making a purchase on your website.

Meteor Link

Retarget anyone who clicks on a link you share - whether it’s a link to your website or another website. Meteor adds a bit of code to each link that allows you to retarget that user with Facebook adverts.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 07.40.35.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.44.56.png

Add a personalised, branded call-to-action advert to any page on the web you share. Anyone clicking on your links will see the content (e.g. a CNN news article, or a blog post on your website) along with your call-to-action in the corner. 


5. Master online networking

Facebook Groups Ultimate List (Free)

Facebook Groups are incredibly powerful right now. Join groups where your target market ‘hangs out’, add value to the conversation, talk about your entrepreneurial journey, and connect with potential new customers.

About 60% of 100 Pound Social’s initial customers found us via Facebook Groups. If you run a B2B business, Facebook groups for entrepreneurs are a great place to start.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 09.55.19.png

Slack Groups Ultimate List (Free)

Just as powerful as Facebook groups but woefully underused. That means Slack communities are smaller, tighter, and often more effective for members. Join Slack groups and establish yourself as a valuable member now - before they get too big.


10 Best Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs - 2017

For one day only (or two, or three - don't forget Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday!) get the tools you need to grow your business for a fraction of the normal price.

Whether you've got your eye on a content marketing course, SEO software, or an e-marketing tool, now is the time to snap it up.

We've scoured the web for the BEST Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs and small business owners.... here they are:


1. EmailOctopus

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Choose any plan and pay only $1 USD for your first month

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 13.45.21.png

What is it?: Send email campaigns using beautifully pre-designed templated. Contact up to 250,000 subscribers for less than a cup of coffee

Normal price: Plans range from FREE - $109 USD per month



2. Blog Clarity

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: $40 USD off any course with this code: CLARITY40

What is it?: Courses for bloggers and business owners covering: Growing web traffic with Pinterest, content marketing, and more.

Normal price: Courses start at $97 USD


3. Ninja Outreach

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 75% off your first month with coupon code CYBER2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 13.57.11.png

What is it?: Find thousands of influencers & leads instantly in any country. Outreach to them at a fraction of the time and cost.

Normal price: From $69 US dollars per month


4. Vyper


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 13.45.49.png

What is it?: Encourage users to spread the word about your business and go viral with Vyper's Growth Toolkit. 

Normal price: Plans range from $29 - $129 USD per month


5. Simvoly

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 35% off with this code: BF35

What is it?: All-in-one website builder with super fast Amazon hosting. Build your website, online store or landing page in minutes. No coding needed.

Normal price: From $9 USD per month


6. 100 Pound Social

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 30% off the Rocket Plan (try it for just £175)

What is it?: A complete social media solution including regular social media posts, community management and outreach, keyword tracking, and guaranteed account growth (new followers, page likes etc.) month-on-month.

Normal price: £250 per month

EXTRA OFFER: Existing customers can trial upgrade their 100 Pound Plan to the Rocket Plan for one month for just £75. Click here.


7. Upviral

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 50% off annual plam

What is it?: Easy-to-create campaigns that turn your business into a viral marketing machine in minutes.

Normal price: Annual plan normally costs $599 USD per yeat


8. Leedfeeder

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Find out who visited your website in the last 30 days for free

What is it?: Leadfeeder uses your Google Analytics data to show real companies visiting your website. Turn website visitors into sales leads.

Normal price: Plans start at $59 USD per month


9. SE Ranking

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 30% off any plan

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.42.42.png

What is it?: An end-to-end SEO platform that helps you succeed through all the stages of your SEO and online marketing project: from the initial evaluation to continued maintenance.

Normal price: From $3 to $100+ USD per month


10. 100+ tools to grow your business online - FREE

Stop wasting hours scouring the web for tools to grow your business. 

These are the only tools you'll ever need to: 

  • Launch a business
  • Find new clients
  • Kickstarters and crowdfunding
  • Influencer marketing
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Analytics

Most of the tools are FREE. (We've only included paid tools that we can't live without.)

    Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 13.05.00.png

    Let our expert team take care of your social media for just £100/ month while you to focus on what you do best - growing your business

    9 incredible free stock photo websites

    Stop your search for amazing free stock images for your company's social media posts. Here are all the image resources you need!

    Images are processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text making them vital to your efforts to get your customers to engage with your small business or startup on social media.

    Here's a round-up of the top 9 free stock photo websites where you can find stunning images, without copyright limitations, that you can use on your website, your blog, and your social media posts.

    Scroll down to gain access to an Aladin's cave of professional photography covering every category under the sun.

    Bookmark this page now and say goodbye to the days of lousy, dull stock photos!

    Safety Note: Double-check each image license and credit to the author as applicable.

    1. Unsplash

    What: Landscapes, nature, and travel

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: Perfect for stunning landscapes images and wide, natural imagery.

    What: Fashion, still life, cars, weddings

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: Packed with unusual categories that will inspire you to try something new and different.

    What: Creative Commons includes a handy function that allows you to search specifically for copy-right free images, video and illustrations via a number of third-party sites, including Google Images, Wikimedia Commons and Flickr.

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: No

    We say: A mixture of professional and amateur photography. Great if you are searching for a very specific image. Double check licensing on each image as some restrictions apply.

    4. PEXELS

    What: Food & drink, tech, nature

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: A fantastic selection of quality images sorted into useful categories.

    What: Beautiful, high quality bright, happy images

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: If all other sites fail you, StockPic will serve up that image you're hunting for.

    What: Landscapes, cities, books and nature

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: No

     We say: Superb quality and quantity of images.

    What: Quirky, random images made to put a smile on your face. 

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: If you're looking for something to spice up a blog post or just to brighten up your day then Gratisography is for you. 

    What: From weddings to sunsets. 

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: With a collection of ver 1,500 well-tagged and categorised images, you will find the perfect image in moments with picjumbo.

    What: Everything delicious and edible under the sun 

    Search function: Yes

    Image categories: Yes

    We say: Whether you're after a photograph of a salad or a toffee pie you will find it here in mouth-watering crystal-clear quality.

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    Posting to social media doesn't have to be one of them.

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