100 Plan


Buy 6 months and get one month FREE (save £100)!

  • Two social media platforms*
  • Posts published every weekday
  • Bespoke, optimised content
  • Promotions of your offers
  • Posts published at peak time
  • Social Media Resource Pack
  • Add-on options inc. Instagram (£)

Rocket 🚀 PLAN


Buy 6 months and get one month FREE (save £250)!

  • Everything in the 100 PLAN
  • PLUS, for one platform:
  • Community management
  • Notifications, comments, tags, mentions, etc. response
  • Respond to Brand mentions
  • Keyword tracking
  • Curation and sharing of relevant community content
  • Ideal audience identification
  • Target market outreach
  • Month-on-month account growth
  • Add an Extra Platform for £100/mo
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*Prices are exclusive of VAT



100 Plan

✅   Get back hours spent creating social media content

✅   Unique, expertly crafted posts published to two of your social platforms every weekday 

✅   Be there when customers search for you on social media, demonstrating your expertise, approachability and reliability. 

Rocket Plan

✅   Everything in the 100 Plan 'what to expect' section, PLUS:

✅   Regular engagement with your social media audience

✅   Be part of relevant social conversations about your brand and industry.

✅  Reach and attract new customers

✅   Month-on-month social media account growth (new followers, Page Likes etc.)

Plan features explained


Posts publish frequency


Posts are published every weekday. We publish posts at the time your audience is most active on social media.

Choice of Social Media Platforms


Choose two platforms from:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • Google Plus+

Instagram is available as an add-on (£).

Bespoke, optomised content

All social media content is created specifically for your business by our team of UK-based Social Media experts. We use relevant keywords and hashtags to help get your posts in front of the right audience.

Social Media Resource Pack

Our Rocket Plan includes Community Management and Targeted Growth. Our 100 Plan is a content only plan. Content provides the foundation to a successful social media presence. To see rapid growth and engagement, Community Management and Targeted Growth activities are required.

Our Social media Resource Pack provides guidance on the daily Community Management and Targeted Growth activities you should be performing to get the most out of your 100 Plan.

Monthly Report

Comprehensive report showing how your social channels have grown over the last month, which content has lead to the highest engagement, and the demographic of your social media audience (gender, location, age etc.)


Optional Add-ons (£)



Instagram (5/week) posts are sent to your smartphone and can be approved and published in under 30 seconds. 

(Why can't you publish my Instagram posts directly to my feed?)

Branded, Customised Graphics

Compliment your social media posts with unique social media graphics. Graphics are designed to reinforce your brand identity and message. This add-on (£) includes 12 branded, customised graphics every month.

Extra Social Media Platform

Add as many extra social media platforms as you need to any plan (£29 per platform per month)

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile