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As a paying customer of 100 Pound Social, I highly recommend Victoria [CEO] and her team.
— Dave Stapleton | B U A F I T
100 Pound Social listen to your company values and execute them so professionally.
— Dave Stapleton | CEO | B U A F I T

After a consultation with Dave, CEO of BUA FIT, we recommended a Facebook Group, plus a supporting Twitter page as the most effective way to market his new business and fitness app on social media.

We also recommended our signature 100 Pound Plan, which would provide unique social media posts to both the Facebook Group and Twitter page every week day.

We were aware that time was tight; Dave had a meeting with investors in three weeks.

We set up and optomised Dave's Facebook Group and launched the 100 Pound content plan.

Within three weeks the B U A F I T Facebook Group had grown from 0 members, to just under 700 active members.

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Dave posted a full review on Facebook. Read it below:

They take a huge weight off your shoulders... [and] the content is excellent!
— Dave Stapleton | B U A F I T

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