Cross social media off your to-do list and concentrate on what you’re good at - developing your business


We help entrepreneurs like you develop a consistent, reliable and approachable presence on social media.


We understand how difficult it can be for busy business owners like you to build and maintain a regular presence on social media for your business. 

Finding the time is difficult - and knowing what, and when to post can be challenging. 

Our team of UK-based social media professionals posts bespoke content, made specifically for your business to your social media pages every week day, including regular promotions of your services, products and offers.

All for just £100 a month. 

14-day money-back guarantee: try us without risking a penny.


Unlike other low-cost social media services, we don't use any bots or automation.

Tick social media off your to-do list for good

Bespoke, relevant, engaging content created just for your business and posted every week day, for only £100/ month (the same price as your daily coffee over a month!)

Never miss a post again!


✅ Bespoke content, created just for your business

✅ Engaging images, media and articles relevant to your audience

✅ Regular promotions of your company’s products and services

✅ Unlimited support from our dedicated social media team

✅ Regular posts to your two most important social media pages

✅ Posts published when your audience are most active


All for just £100 / month!

14-day money-back guarantee: try us without risking a penny.

The 100 Pound Social team are professional and friendly. They took the time to research into my industry and post relevant articles and images on to my social media. They have definitely lifted a weight off my shoulders not having to worry about posting regularly.
— Maya Virdee | CEO | Find Creative

Reach your audience every week day for just £100 / month.

Grow your business with regular social media activity.

✅  Boost awareness of your business
✅  Increase your credibility
✅  Inspire customer loyalty
✅  Attract new customers
✅  Encourage customers to leave positive reviews
✅  Reach potential customers globally
✅  Increases traffic to your website
✅  Improve your Google ranking
✅  Help people easily discover you online
✅  Give your business a 3D online presence

You’re protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee

1: Sign up

Click on any Get Started button on this page to begin the process. You’ll be asked to enter your payment details on a secure page to complete your order. Check your emails for a welcome email containing a Getting to Know You questionnaire.

2: Getting to know you

Your questionnaire answers help us get to know your business, products/ services, and more. You will also be asked to give us access to your social media accounts via our secure system. You will never be asked to share your passwords with us.

3: Let the posting begin!

Within 7-10 business days of gaining access to your social media accounts and receiving your questionnaire, we’ll begin posting content to your pages, leaving you to focus on what you do best - growing your business

You’re protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee

Still have questions about our low-cost social media solution?

I want in - how do I get started? 

Click any Get an Invite button on this page to get started. After receiving your invite and signing up, you will be asked to complete a 'Getting to know you' questionnaire designed to help us gain a through understanding of your business, your products or services, your customers, and more. This takes under 20 minutes to complete.

Who will be working on my accounts?

An experienced, professional member of our social media team. Our Social Media Managers are experts in their field and dedicated to finding and creating the the most engaging and relevant content to share on your social pages. They engage with your social media pages in the same way as you would if you had the time. 

How will you know what to post for my business?

The details you provide in the 'Getting to know you' questionnaire will introduce us to your business. We will also conduct our own research to gain an in-depth understanding of who your are and what you do. Once we have have completed our research we will put together a comprehensive posting plan and begin to find and create content that will engage your target audience.

Can you also manage my Instagram account? 

Yes! You can add Instagram to your 100 Pound Plan for £75 per month. You will be asked whether or not you'd like to add Instagram to your plan before you complete payment.

Can I still post on my own social media platforms?

Absolutely. You will still have full access to your accounts and can post anytime. 

Can you publish posts to promote my company's offers, promotions, new products etc.? 

Yes! If you have specific content you'd like us to promote just send an email to your social media manager explaining what you'd like to be shared. He or she will publish the information as soon as possible.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We don't do contracts. When you register with us, you will set up a recurring monthly payment. We ask for 30 days notice to cease working on your accounts. To give notice, simply let us know via email. Saying that, we're pretty good at our job and reckon you'll want to stick around for a while!

Do you offer any other social media services or more comprehensive packages?

Absolutely. As well as our 100 Pound Plan, we will soon be offering a range of social media and content marketing services to boost your company's online. These affordable services will include Pinterest, LinkedIn, blog writing, social media account growth, SEO, PPC and more. Click here to join our mailing list and get notified when these services are available. 

Help - I have more questions!

No problem - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You’re protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee